Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summah Update

Every time I look to post on my blog, I feel guilty for not keeping this updated more. Photos above are a dump of tattoos from the past month and a couple fun projects.

-Finished a new hand painted Welcome sign for Marcus Kuhn

-Tattooed at Open Road in Dover, NH with Jimmy Tats for the Search and Destroy Skate Event

-Finally finished the winter truck project with my dad and got the 1948 Ford Truck on the road for the summah

To show thanks for the love, support and business for the past five years here in Maine, we're throwing a party at Shay's Pub in Portland.

If you're coming, more info is here:

On Sunday, July 3rd, come hang out and have some drinks with us.


We'll have food and will be raffling off cutouts, tattoos and shirts.

Cash Bar

My cutouts are also hanging in Shay's for the month of July. Swing by and check them out, they're all for sale. We'll be hanging out there on First Friday, July 1st as well.

Good summer so far!

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