Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rollin' with the best

Open Road one year strong!!
Jason and Tony came to see Jimmy's new spot.
Beth got a little one from the sheet.
me wifey
Jimmy's better half.
Ralph don't play.
when it comes to gettin navel tatts...
the sheet
baby on board
had time for a few new paintings this week
A sign I painted for someone's parents.
Ray Cole is turning 78 this week...
so he got the last open spot on his leg done.
Knee capper! yowzahhh

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another one bites the dust

Can you believe its 2011? WTF, time flies. So much went down in December. It feels like a year ago already, jeesh! Got to see one of the good ole boys at the beginning of December. Ajax was in town for a day or two. So good to see him doin' his thing. While he was in town, we went to a local event called Photo a go-go. Suprisingly, it was a good time that led into a great time, all the way till bed!

December is always a busy month with work and holiday parties. To top it all off, we had plans to fly out to Austin on Xmas night . That made for an extra hectic couple of weeks that included family parties, shopping and all the christmas BS.
We ended up in Austin on the 26th of December for a week seein' the homies and doin' some work at Diablo Rojo.

It had been years since I came back home to Austin. It was amazing to see everybody and just chill with the wifey. ATX is my second home. I lived there for 16 years and it's always is in my thought process.
So now it's 2011 and we're back to snowy-ass Maine for a few.
The Shop's good. My apprentice Brad's killin' some paintings everyday. Check out his blog for his progress:

I'm going to try to update more in 2011. Stay tuned.