Monday, February 14, 2011


Grindin' out lots of new stuff lately.. Also workin' on painting some new flash for the shop in between tattooing and spending time with the family.
Man, this winter is gettin' old. I'm missin' texas all the time!! We cant wait for warmer days. Maine is a hard place to live after livin' in austin, Texas for sixteen years. CABIN FEVER has set in. One more month and things will be on the up and up. If you live in Maine, you have to talk about the weather at least a few times a day or shit aint right?

We are in the process of a new project, Online ordering is coming soon.
Kelly Edwards, Mike Belzel and I are moving forward with getting the "cutouts" we've been developing since 2003 available to the masses. "Like" the facebook page to keep up to date on the progress. I also created a facebook page for the shop. "Like" that too for up to date info on the shop.
Cheers ya'll .

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