Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What choo bloggin about willis!!

Been slackin' hard on this shit. Not too much going on as of late. Winter in Maine is about to go down and I think people start pinching pennies to keep warm. The time change has been hard this year for some reason; starts getting dark at 4!
Trying to keep busy with art whenever I have down time.
Going on its 2ND year, Mccinnis Tattoo Co. put on a proper art opening called 'Love thy Neighbor' this past October down in Providence, Rhode Island; good people, bands and lots of art!! Pretty big turnout. Sold lots of cutouts and met some good homies.

Partied it up like redneck zombie on Halloween. Pretty awesome.

Back to normal at the shop now and starting to paint new cutouts for a First Friday Art show here in Portland on Dec. 3rd.
Will post more details soon.
Make sure to come check it, if you're local peeps.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving with the family next weekend.
Hope everyone has good one.

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