Saturday, June 5, 2010


Been too busy to deal with the internet as of late, but have some new flicks to share. Let me know what ya'll think...
Got an old beater beach cruiser for my wifey. My pops and I stripped it down, re-painted everything, got a few new parts on her and 'wah-lah', good as new, dog! Went and saw my old homies, e-dubs and his familia. Had a good ole memorial day weekend in Rockland. We went to Owls Head's transportation museum.
Ate too much oil and garlic at Contes.
Drank a couple dozen beers and toasted some pizzas on the campfire.
We walked through Eric's building his office is in. Its an old masonic lodge. Its cool.
Anyway, my cousin Noel's movin' to london tommorow so we had a little goin away party for him on friday. He is so cool that the town blew fireworks for him...hit me up homies...

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